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Lightning Habanero Peach x Red Savina Cross - Seeds

Lightning Habanero Peach x Red Savina Cross
- (Capsicum Chinense)

This is a cross we created of the extremely hot Red Savina and a Lightning Peach Habanero. It took on the shape of the Savina but with a peach color. They ripen from green to a purple huge then finally to a peach iridescence. Heat wise they are similar to a Savina so they are very hot but sweet and fruity. At one time the original Red Savina was the hottest pepper in the world prior to the Ghost Pepper taking its crown in 2007.
This cross grows very bushy and closer to the ground while producing tons of peppers. They grow best by supporting them with a cage.

Heat level: 350k - 450k (SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Very Hot

Flavor: Sweet and Fruity

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