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Aji Ayuyo - Seeds

Aji Ayuyo - (Capsicum baccatum)

The Aji Ayuyo is a beautiful pepper that originated from Peru. The color progression as it ripens is impressive. The jellybean looking fruits ripen from a deep purple to creamy purple then turn an iridescent orange and finally to a bright red. The fruits are very thick walled making them pretty heavy for their size. The plants a very bushy and vine like and do best when supported by a trellis. We had ours growing through a chain link fence and it grew perfectly. The peppers are very juicy and have a sweet tangy flavor with mild heat. A must have if you like beautiful looking peppers!

Heat level: 1000-2000 (SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Mild Heat

Flavor: Very Sweet and Tangy with a mild zip of heat.

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