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Purple Ghost Scorpion - Seeds

Purple Ghost Scorpion - (Capsicum Chinense)

The Purple Ghost Scorpion is a cross between a Purple Bhut Jolokia and the Trinidad Butch T Scorpion.  It's beautiful colors as it ripens has made it a very popular pepper recently.  They look more like a habanero and ripen from a creamy purple to red with purple accents when fully mature.  What also sets it apart is it has purple streaking and stripping on the inside of the pod.  It's claimed to have a SHU level close to a million but I don't think it's quite to that level, however they are still very hot.  The plants have dark foliage and can get up to 4 feet tall on average and have a very prolific amount of pods. 

Heat level:  600k-800k+ SHU – Extremely Hot.

Flavor:  Fruity Ghost Flavor.

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