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7 Pot Lava x Testanera Red - Seeds

7 Pot Lava x Testanera Red - (Capsicum chinense)

This is a cross between a 7 Pot Lava and a Testanera Red. The plants have dark foliage and the pods start off dark as well. They ripen to a bright orange and finally to a deep red with a dark iridescence resembling a sunburn. Most of the pods are about 1.5 - 2 inches and roundish with some having a pointed tip so still thinking this pheno is a little unstable. The heat is pretty intense and seems to hit hardest on the back of the tongue. Flavor is floral with hint of smokiness before the heat slams into you. The plants are very productive and will grow to 4-5 feet tall. This one is an eyecatcher!

Heat level: Approx. 1,200,000 (SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Extremely Hot.

Flavor: Fruity/floral with a slight smokiness.

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