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BTR Butch T Reaper Scorpion - Seeds

BTR Butch T Reaper Scorpion - (Capsicum chinense)

Created by Butch Taylor himself! The two parent plants are the Carolina Reaper and the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T which is the current world record holder and former world record holder.  Appearance similar to a Moruga Scorpion, but with a much thinner outer wall. The final mature color of the pepper is almost a dark orange/red color. The flavor is very floral and citrus up front, with a burn like nothing we have ever tasted before!  Matures from Green to Orange/Red.

Heat level:  1,500,000+ (SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Insanely Hot

Flavor:  Floral and citrus flavor then just deathly heat!

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