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Dragon's Breath - Seeds

Dragon's Breath - (Capsicum chinense)

We acquired our seeds directly from the original grower in the UK and grew these out three years ago.  The Dragon’s Breath pepper is named for the symbol of Wales – the Welsh dragon.  It is believed to be the unofficial world’s hottest pepper with a reported peak heat of 2.48 million Scoville heat units.  Is it myth or reality?  We cannot prove either and no official tests have been performed to back up these claims but I can tell you from firsthand experience this pepper is one of the hottest we have grown.  The smell and pungency of the capsaicin knocks you down when the chili is cut into as the capsaicin oil pours out.

Heat level:  2,000,000++(SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Nuclear Heat.

Flavor:  Does "Fire" have a flavor?

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