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Flaming Nougat - Seeds

Flaming Nougat - (Capsicum chinense)

Here's another odd cross that showed up this year. We call it Flaming Nougat and it's an eye catching Beauty!! The peppers start off a light green and then ripen to a slight purple tint and then finally to a light iridescent yellowish brown. Some pods have stingers while most just have a slight point. The feel of these is something I've never run across. They have a tacky, rubbery almost wax like feel to them. The walls are fairly thick and they have a good amount of heat, making them ideal for making salsas and hot sauces. Most pods are fairly large and range from 2-3 inches. Plant is very prolific and grows 4-5 feet tall.

Heat level:  Estimated at 750,000 - 900,000 SHU - Extremely Hot.

Flavor:  Fruity & Citrusy.

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