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Habanero Orange - Seeds

Habanero Orange - (Capsicum chinense)

The common Orange Habanero originated in the Yucatán Peninsula area of Mexico.  It has spread to become one of the more common peppers used around the world.  They have a sweet and fruity citrus zing to them and an intense and pungent heat.  The peppers are small, conical to lantern-shaped, averaging 1 x 1.5-inches in length.  They are thin skinned and have a smooth waxy glossiness.  They ripen from green to bright orange when fully mature.  The Habanero is commonly used to make hot sauces, salsas, marinades and to spice up virtually any dish.

Heat level:  200,000 - 300,000(SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Very Hot.

Flavor:  Sweet & citrusy.

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