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Hatch Green X Hot - Barker's Hot - Seeds

Hatch Green X Hot - Barker's Hot - (Capsicum annum)

The Barker's Hot is the smallest of the Hatch Chiles, but it's the hottest. It makes great salsa and adds a great level of spice. Ripens to Red if you let it stay on the plant long enough.

A little background on Hatch Chiles: Hatch green chile refers to varieties of New Mexican chile grown in Hatch Valley, NM. Only chiles grown in Hatch, New Mexico, and the surrounding Hatch Valley is actually considered a “Hatch Chile”. There are many different varieties of green and red chile grown, meaning “hatch chile” is a catchall phrase for chile grown in the Valley.

Heat level: 9,000-10,000 (SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Mild Heat

Flavor: Sweet and Complex, Earthy.

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