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MOAB Mustard Ghost - Seeds


MOAB Mustard Ghost- (Capsicum chinense)

A natural cross that we created by accident from a Red Ghost and a Big Mustard Mama.  We took the seeds directly out of a Red Ghost female pepper and to our surprise produced these gigantic super hot cartoon sized Greenish beauties.  They took on a good deal of the Mustard Mama traites. 

The pods start off a light green and ripen to a darker green then finally a slight mustard yellow green.  Very gnarly variation almost the size of tennis balls.  Flavor of Bhut Ghost is present and extremely hot.  Starts off slow then hits you about 10 seconds later.  Nuclear hot.  Great option for hot sauce makers.

Heat level:  1,500,000+ (SHU) Scoville Heat Units – Nuclear Hot.

Flavor:  Bhut flavor.

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