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Orange Apocalypse - Seeds


Orange Apocalypse - (Capsicum Chinense)

This monster is most likely a cross of a Yellow Moruga Scorpion and an Apocalypse Scorpion.  Most pod shapes have the typical moruga looking rounded tail but some still others are shaped with more of a pronounced pointed tail.  These peppers are some of the larger we have ever grown with some reaching 3 inches around...almost tennis ball sized.  They ripen to a bright yellow/ orange and become closer to orange as they further ripen.  Heat is very intense and quick.  Plant grows to 4 feet tall and definitely needs to be staked as the size of the peppers really weights the branches down as it matures.  

Heat level:  Estimated 1,500,000+

Flavor:  Sweet & fruity before the explosion of heat rendering all taste buds ineffective!

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