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Pasilla Mixe Chili or Pasilla de Oaxaca - Seeds

Pasilla Mixe Chili or Pasilla de Oaxaca- (Capsicum annuum)

The Pasilla Mixe Chili or Pasilla de Oaxaca (Pronounced: "Waa-HAAK-kah"), is extremely rare and were only previously grown in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Back in 2018 the only seeds we could source were obtained from smoked/ dried chilies from Mexico.  We dissected and picked out the best looking seeds and ended up with about a 35% germination rate.  The fact that they successfully germinated was even a shock to us as the smoking process was probably in the 120-145f degree range and most of the seeds had a dark brown/burnt look to them.

The chili peppers grow to about 3-5 inches in length.  We actually used the skins of the peppers in several dishes and the flavor is amazing with a strong bacon smokiness with a hint of fruit to them.  Heat level is not overbearing but just enough to know it's there at approximately 10,000 SHU's.  The heat tends to linger in the throat and not on the tongue.

After harvest they are traditionally dried and smoked with oak wood bringing out their intense qualities.

It will be interesting to see if the flavor is different with the chili’s we grow than the ones we obtained from the native land.  It is said the flavor is totally different if they are not grown in their native territory due to the soil and climate contrasts.

Heat level:  Approximately 5,000-10,000 SHU - Medium.

Flavor:  Meaty / Fruity Smokiness.

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