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Scorpion Hulk - Seeds

Scorpion Hulk - (Capsicum chinense)

These beasts are the craziest cross that has ever popped up for us. Not exactly sure what they are crossed with but the variations are all over the place. Some have multiple growths off the fruits and others have stingers; some pods are fat and then the next one is skinny. Very unstable variety here. Most pods are fairly large and range from 2-4 inches long. They ripen from a bright green to a yellowish mustard green. Heat is very hot on these with a fruity earthy flavor. Plant is very prolific and grows 4-5 feet tall.

Heat level:  Estimated at 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 SHU - Extremely Hot.

Flavor:  Fruity & Earthy.

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