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Trinidad 7 Pot Primo / 7 Pod Primo - Seeds

Trinidad 7 Pot Primo - (Capsicum chinense)

The Trinidad 7 Pot Primo has more heat than most red 7 pods.  It can get very lumpy and distorted and even grow a skinny little tail. Like other 7 Pots it has a fruity/floral flavor and is extremely hot.  One of the most important characteristics of this pepper is the thin wrinkly skin it has, the relatively small pod has small spikes on the outside surface. When you cut this pod open the capsicum oil is very obvious.

It is safe to say that this pepper is a stable variety because it takes 6 to 7 generations to be stable and as of 2012 it will be in its seventh generation. Add to the fact that the man who crossed these two varieties is a genuine horticulturist working on projects for the State of Louisiana.

Heat level:  1,100,000 to 1,200,000 (SHU) Scoville Heat Units –Insanely Hot.

Flavor:  Fruity floral flavor similar to a Trinidad Scorpion.

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