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2020 Grow Update

June 24, 2020

2020 Grow Update

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the grow progress in the garden.  

It was a very slow start to the season with all the rain and cool temperatures.  Looking back a pictures from last season we look to be about 2-3 weeks behind schedule but seems to have caught up a tad this week.  Weather looks great for the next 10 days so we should experience some very good growth.

As they continue to ripen we will be offering a few more options for Fresh Pepper Boxes this year.  This is what we are planning for now:

  • Carolina Reapers
  • Chocolate Reapers
  • Mixed Reapers
  • Red Ghosts
  • Chocolate Ghosts
  • Mixed Ghosts
  • Mixed Super Hot
  • All Red Mixed 
  • All Yellow Mixed
  • All Brown Mixed
  • Habanero Mixed 

On occasion we might be able to have some different types if there are enough available.

We are up to around 325 different varieties of peppers that we will eventually have listed for seeds on the site.  We will be adding as fast as they are producing.  This is the list to date:

Bohica Pepper Hut - 2020 Grow List
Pasilla Mixe Chili / Oaxaca Chili Hot Red Cherry
7 Bot Brown Wrecking Ball Hurt Berry
7 Pot Barrackpore Inferno 
7 Pot Bhutlah Bubblegum Chocolate Italian Roaster
7 Pot Bhutlah Bubblegum Red Italian Sweet Frying
7 Pot Brown Douglah x Reaper Jalabanero
7 Pot Bubblegum Jalapeno Brown
7 Pot Bubblegum Yellow Pepper Plant Jalapeno Chernobyl
7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain Jalapeno Farmers Market
7 Pot Congo SR Gigantic Jalapeno Ghostly
7 Pot Defcon Jalapeno M
7 Pot Evergreen Jalapeno Orange
7 Pot Jonah x Congo Red Jalapeno Purple
7 Pot Katie  Jalapeno Zapotec
7 Pot Lava Chocolate Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
7 Pot Lava Red Cross Jay's Peach Primo Red Cross
7 Pot Lava Yellow Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
7 Pot Mustard Jigsaw
7 Pot Peach SG Jigsaw
7 Pot Pink Jigsaw x Moruga
7 Pot Primo Chocolate Jonah
7 Pot Primo Yellow King Naga Jolokia
7 Pot Slimer Komodo Dragon
7 Pot White BBG Korean Hot
Aji Benito Kostadinov Striated
Aji Brazilian Starfish Orange Kraken Scorpion
Aji Cachucha Kraken Scorpion Peach
Aji Cachucha Purple Splotched  KS Lemon StarrBurst
Aji Chombo KS Starracha Pumpkin
Aji Crystal La Bomba II Jalapeno
Aji Guyana Large Red 7 POD
Aji Orange Drop Limon Kellu Uchu Lava Scorpion
Aji Panca  Lemon Drop Chili
Aji Pineapple Lemon Spice Jalapeño
Aji Pingo Leutshauer Paprika
Aji Rojo/ Puca-Uchu Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion
Aji Sugar Rush Cream Lightning Habanero Chocolate
Aji Sugar Rush Peach Lightning Habanero Peach
Aji Sugar Rush Red Lilac Bell - Sweet
Aji White Fantasy Lipstick
Aji Yellow Little Bastard
Akabare Khorsani Long Red Slim Cayenne
Aleppo  MA Wartryx
Antillais Red Caribbean Mad Hatter
Antohi Romanian  Madballz Chocolate
Apacalypse Chocolate Manzano Red
Apocalypse Scorpion Manzano Yellow
Baby Yellow Bell Marconi Golden 
Bahamian Goat Mini Piperka
BBG7 Red Large Mira Sweet Pepper
BBM X SR Strain MOA Scotch Bonnet
Bhu Jolokia Ghost - Wrinkled MOAB Mustard Ghost
Bhut Jolokia  (Ghost) Caramel Monster Jalapeno
Bhut Jolokia  (Ghost) Peach WM Morich x Reaper
Bhut Jolokia Assam Yellow Moruga Brown
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate Ghost Moruga Scorpion Caramel 
Bhut Jolokia Ghost Moruga Scorpion Chocolate
Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen Moruga Scorpion Yellow
Bhut Jolokia Yellow Ghost Moruglah
Bhut Neyde Cross MRM X 7 POT Brown Peachy
Bhut Neyde x Peach Ghost Cross Murupi Amarela
Bhutlah Chocolate CS  Muster Naga
Bhutlah Decimater Naga Bengal 
Bhutlah Yellow Naga Black 
Bhutlah Yellow Naga Brain Red
Big Black Mama Naga Dorset Orange
Big Mustard Mama  Naga Morich
Big Red Mama Naglah Brown
Big Yellow Mama Neon BBG 
Bih Jolokia Black  Oda Pepper
Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach Ogonyok
Biqinho White Orange Apocalypse
Biquinho Hot Pepper Orange Blaze
Bird Pepper Orange Blob
Bishops Crown Orange Spice Jalapeño
Black Bastard Orange Sweet Bell
Black Bhutlah Orange Thai
Black Hungarian Pepper Oxkutzcabian Orange
Black Panther Orange Papa Dreadie
Black Pearl Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper
Black Stinger  Peach Bhut Jolokia Ghost
Blue Ghost Peach Ghost Jami
Blue Ghost Chocolate Peach Reaper
Blushing Beauty Peachadew
BOC x Reaper Orange Peaches N Cream
Bonda Mahala  Pepper Aji Charapita
BORG 9 Pequin
BORG 9 Chocolate Peter Orange
Borg 9 Peach Peter Pepper
Brain Strain Red Peter Yellow
Brazilian Ghost Brown Piment Leopard
Brazilian Starfish Pimenta Black Bhut
Brown Jalapeno Pimenta Moranga Peach Cross
Buena Mulata Pimenta Puma 
Butch T Scorpion Pimento  
Cajun Belle Pink Tiger
Candy Cane Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut
CAP 1478 Poblano
Carmen Primo x BOC
Carolina Reaper Primo x Butch T Yellow
Cayenne Purple  Pumpkin Spice Jalapeño
CGN 21500 Purple Ghost Scorpion
Cherry Bomb Purple Reaper
Chilhuacle Negro Purple Tiger x Jalapeno
Chocolate Beauty Purple UFO
Chocolate Bhutlah SM Rain Forest
Chocolate Fatalii Red Cap Mushroom
Chocolate Jigsaw Red Rocket
Chocolate Reaper Red Rocoto
Chocolate Scorpion Red Savina
Chocolate X Mustard Scorpion Cross Red Scotch Bonnet x Choc. Habanero
Conquistador Redgum TigerMAMP x Chocolate Nagabrains
Corno di Toro Red  Ring Of Fire
Corno di Toro Yellow Rooster Spur
Count Dracula Sahuaro Biggie Chili 
Crazy Ghost Tail Santa Fe Grande
Cumra Cherry Scorpion BTR - Butch T Scorpion x Reaper
Daisy Cutter Scorpion Red Venom
Datil Pepper Scorpion x Douglah
De Arbol Purple Scotch Bonnet Freeport Orange
Death Spiral Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Red
Defcon 7 (Big Brown Pheno) Scotch Bonnet MOA Red
Devil's Brain Scotch Brains
Devil's Nagabrains Red Sepia Serpent 
Devil's Tongue Red Serrano  
Devil's Tongue White Shattah
Devil's Tongue Yellow Shishito
Dieghito Jalapeno Skunk Chocolate
Dolmalik Biber Skunk Red
Doux D'Espangne Star of Turkey
Dragons Breath Sunset Sky 
Early Sunsation Super Hot Beast 
Fatalii Sweet Apple
Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw Sweet Cayenne
Fatalii x Red Savina Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Filius Blue Sweet Heat 
Fish  Sweet Wrinkled Old Man
Foodarama Red Tepin 
Foodarama Scotch Bonnet - Yellow THSC Black Scorpion Tongue
Fooled You Thunder Cacho Brown
Fools Gold Thunder Mountain Longhorn
Frontera Sweet Trinidad 7 Pot Primo
Frostbite  Trinidad Douglah - Red
Fushimi Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Red
Genghis Khans Brain  Trinidad Mustard Scorpion 
Girlyanda Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Yellow
Goronong Trinidad Sunrise Scorpion
Grenada Seasoning Trinidad Viper Brown Cross 
Guindilla Pepper Trinidad Viper x Purple Bhut
Habanada UFO x Antep Dolma
Habanero Big Sun Umorok Chocolate
Habanero Black  Umorok Red
Habanero Caribbean Red White Bell
Habanero Chocolate White Bhut Jolokia
Habanero Lightning Mix White Bhut Jolokia JW
Habanero Mustard White Murupi
Habanero Orange Craigs  White Thai Heirloom
Habanero Paper Lantern Red  WickedAss Little 7 Pot (W.A.L.7)
Habanero Pumpkin Yellow Hinkelhatz Pepper
Habanero Red Dominica Yellow Naga
Habanero Red - Ugandan Red Yellow Pequin
Habanero Yellow Yellow Pointy
Habanero Yucatan White Yellow Reaper Cross
Hot Beads Zou-Pi / Sharpei
Hot Portugal Zulu Sweet Pepper


Hope everyone is having a Great summer and Stay Hot & Safe!

-Jason Tate

Bohica Pepper Hut

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