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Bohica Pepper Hut - Grow Update & List of Peppers

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the grow progress in the garden.  The growth has been absolutely phenomenal compared to this time last year.  Ripening is still coming along slowly but we are finally seeing a good amount of color peeking through.  

The first wave of ripe peppers from the overwintered plants did not last long as they were quickly bought up last week.  We are anticipating having enough inventory to relist everything the middle of next week and continue on the rest of the season.

As they continue to ripen we will be offering a few more options for Fresh Pepper Boxes this year.  This is what we are planning for now:

  • Carolina Reapers
  • Chocolate Reapers
  • Mixed Reapers
  • Red Ghosts
  • Chocolate Ghosts
  • Mixed Ghosts
  • Mixed Super Hot
  • All Red Mixed 
  • All Yellow Mixed
  • All Brown Mixed
  • Habanero Mixed 

On occasion we might be able to have some different types if there are enough available.

Also we are up to over 400 different varieties of peppers that we will eventually have listed for seeds on the site.  We will be adding as fast as they are producing.  This is the list to date:

Bohica Pepper Hut - List of Peppers growing for 2019
Pasilla Mixe Chili / Oaxaca Chili
Jalapeno Ghostly
7 Pot Barrackpore
Jalapeno Gigantia
7 Pot Bhutlah Bubblegum Chocolate
Jalapeno M
7 Pot Bhutlah Bubblegum Red
Jalapeno Orange
7 Pot Brown Douglah x Reaper F1
Jalapeno Purple
Jalapeno Sweet
Jalapeno Zapotec
7 Pot Bubblegum
Jay's Peach Primo Red Cross
7 Pot Bubblegum Chocolate 
Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
7 Pot Bubblegum Yellow Pepper Plant
Jimmy Nardello
7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain
Jimmy Nardello Italian Pepper
7 Pot Congo SR Gigantic
Jingle Bell
7 Pot Evergreen
7 Pot Jonah Orange x UFO
King Naga Jolokia
7 Pot Jonah x Congo Red
King of The North
7 Pot Katie 
Kostadinov Striated
7 Pot Lava Red Cross
Kraken Scorpion
7 Pot Lava Yellow
Kraken Scorpion Peach
7 Pot Mustard
KS Lemon StarrBurst
7 Pot Peach SG
La Bomba II Jalapeno
7 Pot Pink
Lady Bell
7 Pot Primo Chocolate Pepper Plant
Large Red 7 POD
7 Pot Primo Yellow
Lava Drop
Aji Benito
Lava Scorpion
Aji Cachucha
Lemon Dream - Sweet Snacking (Bonnie)
Aji Cachucha Purple Splotched 
Lemon Drop Chili
Aji Chombo
Lemon Scorpion  -Organic
Aji Confusion 
Lemon Spice Jalapeño
Aji Crystal
Leutshauer Paprika
Aji de Jardin
Lightning Habanero Chocolate - CP 331
Aji Panca 
Lightning Habanero Peach - CP 334
Aji Pingo
Lightning Habanero Red - CP 330
Aji Rojo/ Puca-Uchu
Lilac Bell - Sweet
Aji Round
MA Wartryx
Aji Russian Yellow
Malawi Piquante
Aji Sugar Rush Peach
Manganji Sweet Pepper
Aji Sugar Rush Red
Manzano Red
Aji White Fantasy
Manzano Yellow
Aji Yellow
Marconi Golden 
Akabare Khorsani
Maria Elena
Albino Bull Nose Pepper
Milawi Piquante
Alma Paprika
Mini Piperka
Mira Sweet Pepper
Antohi Romanian 
Apacalypse Chocolate
MOA Scotch Bonnet
Apocalypse Scorpion
MOAB Mustard Ghost
Baby Red Bell
Monster Jalapeno
Baby Yellow Bell
Moruga Scorpion Caramel 
Bahamian Goat
Moruga Scorpion Chocolate
Moruga Scorpion Yellow
Bhut Jolokia  (Ghost) Caramel
Bhut Jolokia  (Ghost) Peach WM
MRM X 7 POT Brown Peachy
Bhut Jolokia Assam Yellow
Murasaki Purple Pepper 
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate Ghost
Murupi Amarela
Bhut Jolokia Ghost
Murupi Amarela - Also 202
Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen
Naga Bengal 
Bhut Jolokia White (piedmont)
Naga Black 
Bhut Jolokia Yellow Ghost
Naga Brain Red
Bhut Neyde Cross
Naga Dorset Orange
Bhutlah Chocolate CS 
Naga Kiing
Bhutlah Yellow
Naga Morich
Big Bang
Naga Yellow
Big Black Mama
Naglah Beast
Big Chile
Naglah Brown
Big Mustard Mama 
Naglah Brown
Big Yellow Mama
Neon BBG 
Bih Jolokia Black - CP 290
New Ace
Bih Jolokia Caramel - CP 289
Nose Pepper
Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach
Numex Big Jim
Biquinho Hot Pepper
Numex Sandia
Bird Pepper
Bishops Crown
Oda Pepper
Black Betty
Black Bhutlah
Orange Blob
Black Hot Hungarian
Orange Spice Jalapeño
Black Hungarian Pepper
Orange Sun
Black Panther Orange
Orange Thai
Black Pearl
Papa Dreadie
Black Stinger 
Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper
Bonda Mahala 
Pasilla Bajio
PCR Paprika
BORG 9 Chocolate
Peach Bhut Jolokia Ghost
Brain Strain Red
Peach Ghost Jami
Brazilian Ghost Brown
Peach Habanero x Orange Ghost
Brazilian Moruga
Peach Reaper
Brazilian Starfish
Broome Pepper
Peaches N Cream (BPH)
Buena Mulata
Peachgum TigerMAMP (No Calyx)
Butch T Scorpion
Pepper Aji Charapita
Cajun Belle
Pepper Joe E Parker
California Wonder
Candy Cane
Peter Pepper
CAP 1478
Peter Yellow
CAP 214
Piment Jaune Sucree Sweet Pepper
Piment Leopard
Carolina Reaper
Pimenta Black Bhut
Cayenne Golden 
Pimenta Moranga Peach Cross
Cayenne Long Red Thick 
Pimenta Puma 
Cayenne Purple 
Pimento De Padron
CGN 21500
Pink Tiger
Cheyenne Orange Chile Patio 
Pinot Noir - Sweet Bell (Bonnie)
Chilhuacle Amarillo 
Plum Gum 
Chilhuacle Negro
Poblano/ Ancho
Chili Numex
Pretty N Sweet
Chinese Giant Pepper
Prim Reaper
Chocolate Beauty
Pumpkin Scorpion - Organic
Chocolate Beauty Pepper
Pumpkin Spice Jalapeño
Chocolate Bhutlah SM
Purple Beauty
Chocolate Fatalii
Purple Beauty
Chocolate Reaper
Purple Flash
Chocolate Scorpion
Purple Ghost Scorpion
Chocolate X Mustard Scorpion Cross (BPH)
Pusa Jwala - India
Clamshell Bhutlah
Queen Laurie
Clavo - Peach - CP 308
Red Beauty
Red Cap Mushroom
Coolapeno (Bonnie)
Red Moruga Brains 
Corbaci Pepper
Red Rocket
Corno di Toro Red 
Red Rocoto
Red Savina
Crazy Ghost Tail
Redgum TigerMAMP x Chocolate Nagabrains
Criolla De Cocina
Rezha Macedonian Pepper
Cumra Cherry
Ring Of Fire
Cyklon Pepper
Dante's Hot 
Rooster Spur
Sahuaro Biggie Chili 
Datil Pepper
San Felipe
De Arbol
San Pedro
Death Spiral
Santa Domingo Pueblo
Devil's Nagabrains Red
Santo Domingo
Devil's Tongue White
Scarlet Lantern
Devil's Tongue Yellow
Scorpion BTR - Butch T Scorpion x Reaper
Dolmalik Biber
Scorpion x Douglah
Doux Des Landes
Scotch Bonnet Freeport Orange
Dragons Breath
Scotch Bonnet MOA Red
Early Sunsation
Scotch Bonnet TFM
Elephant Ears
Scotch Brains
Fat N Sassy Bell
Sepia Serpent 
Fatalii White - CP 300
SepiaReaper x Pimenta de Neyde
Feher Ozon Paprika
Serrano Del Sol
Serrano Purple 
Floresent Mustard Scorpion - Organic
Foodarama Red
Foodarama Scotch Bonnet - Yellow
Fooled You
Skunk Chocolate
Skunk Red
Frontera Sweet
Spiky/Prickly Ghost
Star 1818
Star of Turkey
Genghis Khans Brain 
Sucette De Provence
Ghosted Banana f2
Sunset Sky 
Giant Marconi 
Super Chili
Giant Marconi 
Super Hot Beast 
Sweet Apple
Goat Horn
Sweet Banana
Golden Bell
Sweet Cherry
Golden Summer Sweet Bell
Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Golden Treasure
Sweet Devil Horn
Sweet Heat 
Grenada Seasoning
Sweet Pickle
Sweet Sunset X3R
Sweet Wrinkled Old Man
Gumball Pepper
Targu Mures
Habanero Big Sun
Habanero Black 
Thai Hot
Habanero Caribbean Red
Thunder Mountain Longhorn
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero Mustard
Trinidad 7 Pot Primo
Habanero Orange Craigs 
Trinidad Cherry
Habanero Paper Lantern Red 
Trinidad Douglah - Red
Habanero Red Dominica
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Red
Habanero Red - Ugandan Red
Trinidad Mustard Scorpion 
Habanero Tabaquite
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Yellow
Habanero Yellow
Trinidad Viper x Purple Bhut F3 - CP 119
Habanero Yellow
Habanero Yucatan White 
Urfa Biber
Hair Pepper (Kil Biber)
Hatch Lumbre
Vezena Piperka
Hatch Ms Junie
Virginia Brown
Havasu (Bonnie)
Hazel Brown 
White Bell 
Holy Mole
White Bhut Jolokia
Hot Banana
White Bhut Jolokia JW
Hot Beads
WickedAss Little 7 Pot (W.A.L.7)
Hot Portugal
Wills Apocalyse Reaper
Hot Sunset
Yellow Hinkelhatz Pepper
Yellow Naga
Iseta Long
Yellow Pointy
Italian Sweet Frying
Yellow Reaper Cross
Yellow Reaper Hybrid
Jalapeno Brown
Jalapeno Farmers Market
Zulu Sweet Pepper


Hope everyone is having a blast of a summer and Stay Hot!

-Jason Tate

Bohica Pepper Hut

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