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Spring is here!! 3/19/2018

March 19, 2018

Spring is here!!  3/19/2018

Spring is here!!

Highlights for this past week and going forward this week…- 3/19/2018

The new drip system is here and is being assembled today.

The final tilling of the main garden is complete and over 100 grow bags have been filled for our extra overflow of plants. 

We are expecting a low of 33 degrees on Wednesday night but starting on Thursday all our over wintered plants will be coming out of the Greenhouse as it looks like clear sailing on the night time temps here on out.

Friday we will start transferring the new plants into the main garden and other areas.

We started hardening off the new plants this past weekend and too our surprise they adjusted very well to the sun and very quick.  Our grow lights must have a similar intensity as the sun because the first time out we let them sit in direct sun for over 3 hours and they barely showed any signs of wilting or any effects from the sun.


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